Joseph Ng

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Abnormal patterns of trunk muscle activity could affect the biomechanics of spinal movements and result in back pain. The present study aimed to examine electromyographic (EMG) activity of abdominal and back muscles as well as triaxial torque output during isometric axial rotation at different exertion levels in back pain patients and matched controls.(More)
Inconclusive findings have been shown in previous studies comparing lumbar range of movement (LROM) and lumbar lordosis between back pain patients and healthy subjects. In these studies, confounding variables such as age, gender, height, obesity, and pain level were usually not well controlled. The present study aimed to compare LROM and lumbar lordosis(More)
Endometrial cancer is the most common gynecological cancer in women in most of the developed world. The majority of these women with endometrial cancer will be unaffected by their disease. The challenge therefore is for surgical treatment not to be worse than the disease. Robotics has changed the way that we care for women living with endometrial cancer by(More)
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