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In this paper a new matching pursuits dissimilarity measure (MPDM) is presented that compares two signals using the information provided by their matching pursuits (MP) approximations, without requiring any prior domain knowledge. MPDM is a flexible and differentiable measure that can be used to perform shape-based comparisons and fuzzy clustering of very(More)
In this paper, we provide a comprehensive survey of the mixture of experts (ME). We discuss the fundamental models for regression and classification and also their training with the expectation-maximization algorithm. We follow the discussion with improvements to the ME model and focus particularly on the mixtures of Gaussian process experts. We provide a(More)
A variety of algorithms are presented and employed in a hierarchical fashion to discriminate both Anti-Tank (AT) and Anti-Personnel (AP) landmines using data collected from Wideband ElectroMagnetic Induction (WEMI) and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) sensors mounted on a robotic platform. The two new algorithms for WEMI are based on the In-phase vs.(More)
Matching pursuits is a well known technique for signal representation and has also been used as a feature extractor for some classification systems. However, applications that use matching pursuits (MP) algorithm in their feature extraction stage are quite problem domain specific, making their adaptation for other types of problems quite hard. In this paper(More)