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In this paper a new matching pursuits dissimilarity measure (MPDM) is presented that compares two signals using the information provided by their matching pursuits (MP) approximations, without requiring any prior domain knowledge. MPDM is a flexible and differentiable measure that can be used to perform shape-based comparisons and fuzzy clustering of very(More)
In this paper, we provide a comprehensive survey of the mixture of experts (ME). We discuss the fundamental models for regression and classification and also their training with the expectation-maximization algorithm. We follow the discussion with improvements to the ME model and focus particularly on the mixtures of Gaussian process experts. We provide a(More)
A variety of algorithms are presented and employed in a hierarchical fashion to discriminate both Anti-Tank (AT) and Anti-Personnel (AP) landmines using data collected from Wideband ElectroMagnetic Induction (WEMI) and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) sensors mounted on a robotic platform. The two new algorithms for WEMI are based on the In-phase vs.(More)