Joseph N. Stember

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The empirical harmonic potential function of elastic network models (ENMs) is augmented by three- and four-body interactions as well as by a parameter-free connection rule. In the new bend-twist-stretch (BTS) model the complexity of the parametrization is shifted from the spatial level of detail to the potential function, enabling an arbitrary coarse(More)
Surface morphology is an important indicator of malignant potential for solid-type lung nodules detected at CT, but is difficult to assess subjectively. Automated methods for morphology assessment have previously been described using a common measure of nodule shape, representative of the broad class of existing methods, termed area-to-perimeter-length(More)
Surface morphology and shape in general are important predictors for the behavior of solid-type lung nodules detected on CT. More broadly, shape analysis is useful in many areas of computer-aided diagnosis and essentially all scientific and engineering disciplines. Automated methods for shape detection have all previously, to the author's knowledge, relied(More)
We report a rare case of a patient with colorectal cancer with chest wall metastases. The development of bleeding at the site of the metastasis ultimately resulted in the development of a hematoma, necessitating resection of the tumor along with part of the chest wall. Literature on chest wall metastases of colonic adenocarcinoma is reviewed and discussed.(More)
Membrane elastic properties, which are subject to alteration by compounds such as cholesterol, lipid metabolites and other amphiphiles, as well as pharmaceuticals, can have important effects on membrane proteins. A useful tool for measuring some of these effects is the gramicidin A channels, which are formed by transmembrane dimerization of non-conducting(More)
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