Joseph Murdaca

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Nonenzymatic glycation is increased in diabetes and leads to elevated levels of advanced glycation end products (AGEs), which link hyperglycemia to the induction of insulin resistance. In hyperglycemic conditions, intracellularly formed alpha-ketoaldehydes, such as methylglyoxal, are an essential source of intracellular AGEs, and the abnormal accumulation(More)
We reported recently that peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor beta (PPARbeta) activation promotes a calcineurin-dependent exercise-like remodelling characterised by increased numbers of oxidative fibres and capillaries. As physical exercise also induces myonuclear accretion, we investigated whether PPARbeta activation alters myonuclear density.(More)
Metabolism plays an important role in T cell biology and changes in metabolism drive T cell differentiation and fate. Most research on the role of metabolism in T lymphocytes focuses on mature T cells while only few studies have investigated the role of metabolism in T cell development. In this study, we report that activation or overexpression of the(More)
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