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  • Joseph Moser
  • Maryland medicine : MM : a publication of MEDCHI…
  • 2016
Under the new law, nurse practitioners expect that medical staffs will offer privileges without a requirement for supervision. Medical staffs have a responsibility to ensure quality of care and verify every member's competence, even as she or he acquires clinical experience. We believe that a model using progressive tiers of supervision, culminating in a(More)
For a commercial company it is very important to be able to transfer relevant information to corporate knowledge. Therefore, a new concept must support and manage the information-to-knowledge and the knowledge-to-information cycle by using trustworthy knowledge repositories and personalised retrieval systems. The xFIND system represents an approach to a(More)
BACKGROUND Limitations in antiemetic options have resulted in increased use of intravenous promethazine. However, this drug has significant sedative effects with its standard dosage of 25 mg, especially when used in conjunction with narcotic analgesics. While studies have revealed the bioavailability of enteric promethazine to be 25%, current dosing(More)
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