Joseph McVeigh

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OBJECTIVE To assess the impact of feeding different amounts of sorghum ergot to sows before farrowing. DESIGN Fifty-one pregnant sows from a continually farrowing piggery were sequentially inducted into the experiment each week in groups of four to seven, as they approached within 14 days of farrowing. Diets containing sorghum ergot sclerotia within the(More)
Embryo transfer was used to introduce new genetic material into 5 commercial specific-pathogen-free pig herds in south eastern Queensland in order to reduce the risk of disease transmission. The embryos were collected surgically from gilts and sows and transferred surgically to synchronised recipient sows on the farms within 12 h. A total of 751 embryos(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the value of s-methylmethionine sulphonium chloride (SMMSC) (200 mg/kg) on nutritional performance of pigs and as prevention or therapy for oesophagogastric ulcers. DESIGN Sixty pigs from a high health status herd with continuing oesophagogastric ulcer problems were endoscopically assessed for the presence or absence of(More)
Aims To determine if an intensified form of heart failure management programme (INT-HF-MP) based on individual profiling is superior to standard management (SM) in reducing health care costs during 12-month follow-up (primary endpoint). Methods and results A multicentre randomized trial involving 787 patients (full analysis set) discharged from four(More)
Thank you for the opportunity to review this paper. In this study 167 people with fibromyalgia syndrome completed the Chronic Pain Coping Inventory and the Chronic Pain Acceptance Questionnaire (in addition to other outcome measures). The authors have identified a number of aims of the study, firstly to explore the relationship between cognitive based and(More)
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