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“Look No More”: Jonson's Catiline and the Politics of Enargeia
  • Joseph Mansky
  • History
  • PMLA/Publications of the Modern Language…
  • 1 March 2019
In his play Catiline His Conspiracy, Ben Jonson allegorizes Cicero's fight to save the Roman Republic as a battle against the kind of spectacular drama that, Jonson claimed, his audiences so enjoyed.Expand
"Variety" and Republican Violence in Sidney's Arcadia
Abstract:William Scott's Model of Poesy, rediscovered in 2003 and first printed a decade later, hails Philip Sidney's Arcadia as the new paragon of poetic "variety." In the Arcadia, this essayExpand
The Case of Eleazar Edgar: Leicester’s Commonwealth and the Book Trade in 1604
  • Joseph Mansky
  • The Papers of the Bibliographical Society of…
  • 1 June 2021
S have long observed that the Catholic libel known as Leicester’s Commonwealth circulated extensively in manuscript. The tract, originally titled The Copy of a Letter, Written by a Master of Art ofExpand
Jane Shore, Edward IV, and the Politics of Publicity
n 1614, the ghost of Richard III gleefully recalled the “peece of Iustice” he had inflicted on “Mistresse Shore,” the mistress of his brother Edward IV. “Shore’s wife,” as she was also known, firstExpand
“Unlawfully published”: Libels and the Public Sphere in Titus Andronicus
Abstract:This essay interprets the scraps of writing that proliferate in Titus Andronicus in the context of early modern libels. Shakespeare’s play, I argue, dramatizes the transformation of rhetoricExpand