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Consistency and Change: The (R)Evolution of the Basic Communication Course
The basic communication course, with its roots in classical Greece and Rome, is frequently a required course in general education. The course often serves as our “front porch,” welcoming new studentsExpand
Why communication education is important: a third study on the centrality of the discipline’s content and pedagogy
ABSTRACT The results of this study argue that communication, and specifically oral communication education, is critical to students’ future personal and professional success. Similar to two earlierExpand
Framing the War on Terror in Canadian Newspapers: Cascading Activation, Canadian Leaders, and Newspapers
This essay examines the differences in coverage of the Afghanistan and the Second Persian Gulf War within the Toronto Star, Winnipeg Free Press, and Vancouver Sun. I examine Robert M. Entman's modelExpand
Demon Hunters and Hegemony: Portrayal of Religion on the CW's Supernatural
The authors analyze the religious themes and portrayals in the television program Supernatural, aired on the CW television network since 2005. As fictional entertainment programming, SupernaturalExpand
Religion and the Representative Anecdote: Replacement and Revenge in AMC’s The Walking Dead
ABSTRACT The current study examines how the horror-based AMC television series The Walking Dead portrays religion in terms of a reframing of the role, if any, of faith in a higher power, and theExpand
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