Joseph M. Weinstein

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PURPOSE To determine whether pretreatment with local NaCl injection can increase radiofrequency (RF)-induced coagulation in a large animal model. MATERIAL AND METHODS Multiple canine venereal sarcomas (n = 25) were implanted subcutaneously in eight mildly immunosuppressed dogs (25 mg/kg cyclosporin A twice daily). Tumors were incubated for 8-12 weeks to a(More)
PURPOSE The authors have recently developed a small-diameter, thin, flexible ultrasonic catheter device that permits the removal of thrombus by low-power transverse ultrasonic cavitation energy. In this study, the authors sought to determine whether this device could be used to eliminate portal vein thrombosis in an animal model. MATERIALS AND METHODS In(More)
BACKGROUND Parkinson disease is the second most common neurodegenerative condition. The literature on patients with Parkinson disease and spine surgery is limited, but increased complications have been reported. METHODS All patients with Parkinson disease undergoing lumbar spine surgery between 2002 and 2012 were identified. Patients' charts, radiographs,(More)
PURPOSE To determine whether combining acetic acid instillation before radiofrequency (RF) ablation can improve local tissue electrical conductivity, RF energy deposition, intratumoral heating, and tumor necrosis in a large animal model. MATERIALS AND METHODS Multiple hypovascular canine venereal sarcomas were implanted in 11 mildly immunosuppressed dogs(More)
Wound infection after spine surgery is a debilitating complication. Local placement of vancomycin powder into the surgical wounds prior to closing of the fascia has been introduced as a method to reduce deep infection rates. The infection rates of all the patients who were treated with intra-operative local vancomycin between June 2012 and June 2013 were(More)
Controversy exists among the orthopedic community regarding the treatment of gunshot injuries. No consistent treatment algorithm exists for treatment of low energy gunshot wound (GSW) trauma. The purpose of this study was to critically examine the wound contamination following low velocity GSW based upon bullet caliber and clothing fiber type found within(More)
The NTDR development team is currently implementing 1P Multicast capabilities to support activities in the Tactical Internet. Protocols and mechanisms designed for wire based networks do not always transfer efficiently to an RF media. This paper introduces the tradeoffs, and the solution arrived at, for distributing Multicast traffic efficiently in the NTDR(More)
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