Joseph M Leese

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In systems where territory quality varies, animals are expected to exhibit plasticity in behaviour in order to maximize fitness relative to their present territory quality. This requires assessment of territory quality followed by decision-making in relation to the priority of activities necessary for survival and reproduction. We examined how differences(More)
Many monogamous species demonstrate size-assortative mating patterns within natural populations. To better understand the role of intersexual selection in this process, we examined the effect of male preference for female body size in the convict cichlid (Amatitlania siquia). We provided males with a choice between females that differed in size, relative to(More)
The intensity of interspecific territorial defense should be based upon the degree of competitive overlap. We tested this relationship in two territorial Caribbean damselfish (dusky, Stegastes adustus, and longfin, S. diencaeous) with intruders being the bluehead wrasse (Thalassoma bifascatus) and the slippery dick wrasse (Halichoeres bivittatus). Based on(More)
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