Joseph M. K. Mulema

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A study was conducted in the East African countries of Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda in the months of July and August 2009 with the objectives of assessing the status of black rot and race structure of Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris in the three countries. Samples infected with black rot were collected from farmers’ fields mainly from Brassica oleracea(More)
Increased virulence associated with fungicide resistance and variablePhytophthora infestans populations has been recorded in many potato growing regions with enormous economic effects. The current emphasis on disease management in East Africa includes the use of potato varieties with durable resistance to late blight. Seven promising clones from Population(More)
Plants activate an array of defence responses following recognition of pathogenic organisms. This study attempted to characterize at a transcriptional level, the defence responses of Arabidopsis thaliana after infection with Botrytis cinerea using microarrays. Alteration in transcript levels following infection was investigated in time (temporal) and space(More)
In Arabidopsis, resistance to the necrotrophic fungus Botrytis cinerea is conferred by ethylene via poorly understood mechanisms. Metabolomic approaches compared the responses of the wild-type, the ethylene-insensitive mutant etr1-1, which showed increased susceptibility, and the constitutively active ethylene mutants ctr1-1 and eto2 both exhibited(More)
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