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PURPOSE Patients with hormone receptor-negative breast cancer generally do not benefit from endocrine-targeted therapies. However, a subset with androgen receptor (AR) expression is predicted to respond to antiandrogen therapies. This phase II study explored bicalutamide in AR-positive, estrogen receptor (ER), and progesterone receptor (PgR)-negative(More)
Our group applied mathematical modeling to capecitabine dosing and predicted 7 days of treatment followed by 7 days of rest (7–7) would improve efficacy and minimize toxicity. The conventional schedule of capecitabine limits full dosing in combination with other agents due to toxicity. Lapatinib inhibits the tyrosine kinase of HER2 and has activity when(More)
1 Abstract—Problems arising in different areas such as numerical methods, simulation or optimization can be efficiently solved by parallel super-computing. However , it is not always possible to buy and maintain parallel super-computers. A geographically distributed network of PC clusters is an interesting low-cost alternative. The possibility of connecting(More)
Non-supervised multiple-agent tracking is a complex task which demands a structured framework in order to accomplish it. Therefore, this proposal presents a system which is modular and hierarchically organised. It consists in several levels, working in cascade, which are defined according to the different functionalities to be performed. The goal of this(More)
With the aim of obtaining a valid compression method for remote sensing and geographic information systems, and because comparisons among the different available techniques are not always performed in a sufficiently fair manner, we are currently developing a framework for evaluating several still image coding techniques. In addition to properly choose the(More)
The computational cost of Gaussian process regression grows cubically with respect to the number of variables due to the inversion of the covari-ance matrix, which is impractical for data sets with more than a few thousand nodes. Furthermore, Gaussian processes lack the ability to represent conditional independence assertions between variables. We describe(More)
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