Joseph M. George

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Taxol is a powerful chemotherapeutic agent that binds to microtubules to prevent tumour cell division. However, a traditional high dose of taxol may also induce apoptosis in normal cells. The anti-apoptotic molecule Bcl-2 is up-regulated in tumour cells to prevent apoptosis. We designed this study to determine whether use of a low dose of taxol and(More)
INTRODUCTION Distributed Data Networks (DDNs) offer infrastructure solutions for sharing electronic health data from across disparate data sources to support comparative effectiveness research. Data sharing mechanisms must address technical and governance concerns stemming from network security and data disclosure laws and best practices, such as HIPAA. (More)
BACKGROUND RAD21 is a component of the cohesion complex and is integral to chromosome segregation and error-free DNA repair. RAD21 is functionally important in tumour progression but its role in colorectal carcinoma (CRC) is unclear. We therefore assessed its clinicopathological and prognostic significance in CRC, as well as its effect on chemosensitivity.(More)
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