Joseph M. A. Petty

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Low tidal volume (Vt) ventilation is protective against ventilator-induced lung injury but can promote development of atelectasis. Periodic deep inflation (DI) can open the lung, but if delivered too frequently may cause damage via repeated overdistention. We therefore examined the effects of varying DI frequency on lung mechanics, gas exchange, and(More)
Neutrophil retention in and release from the bone marrow is a critical process that remains incompletely understood. Previous work has implicated the CXCR4/stromal derived factor-1 (SDF-1) chemokine axis in the marrow retention of neutrophils, yet the adhesion pathways responsible for this retention are unknown. Because alpha(4)beta(1) integrin (VLA-4) and(More)
The severe and protracted inflammation that characterizes acute lung injury (ALI) is driven by the ongoing recruitment of neutrophils to the lung. Although much of the cytokine signaling responsible for the initial phase of ALI has been elaborated, relatively little is known about the mechanisms governing the recruitment of neutrophils from the bone marrow(More)
Female social dominance (FSD) over males is unusual in mammals, yet characterizes most Malagasy lemurs, which represent almost 30% of all primates. Despite its prevalence in this suborder, both the evolutionary trajectory and proximate mechanism of FSD remain unclear. Potentially associated with FSD is a suite of behavioural, physiological and morphological(More)
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