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The authors examine aspect and the semantic classification of verbs, two areas of concern for natural language processing not often studied in the context of computational linguistics. A five-way aspectual classification system is defined on the basis of three aspectual features, making use of the concept of predicates as event structures. The aspectual(More)
1. In t roduc t ion METAL is the machine translation system which has been under research and development at the Linguistics Research Center of the University of Texas at Austin since the early 1970s. The project in its present configuration dates from 1978, when the USAF Rome Air Development Center provided underwriting for the development of an(More)
1. I n t r o d u c t i o n Imagine the world of the fourth millennium, the world some 'five or six million light-blocks' into the future. This is a world in which machine translation is as commonplace as banana splits in ours, a world in which 'artificial' intelligence is barely distinguishable from 'real' intelligence. This is the world of Stanislaw Lem.(More)
This work, the title of which means ‘Machine Translation and Applied Linguistics: Problems in the Development of Automatic Translation Systems,’ and which is published by the Pedagogical Institute for Foreign Languages in Moscow, is a collection of papers on the French-Russian MT project of the Center for Translation in Moscow. The project is known by its(More)
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