Joseph Lightner

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During physical exercise, individuals have access to internal sensory and external environmental cues that compete for attentional focus. Two experiments examined when attention to external cues attenuates the perception of physical symptoms and fatigue. In Experiment 1, subjects' physical performance was held constant during exercise on a treadmill.(More)
  • J Lightner
  • 1976
The contested custody case has in common with any other case that it is a search for the truth through the medium of the courts. Many modern thinkers believe that the courts are not the proper arena for discovering the truth in all cases. Increasingly, there is agitation to remove areas of testimony from the courts, placing them perhaps in the hands of some(More)
INTRODUCTION Trails are associated with increased physical activity; however, little is known about the process of building trails by various types of organizations. From 2005 through 2012 the Sunflower Foundation: Health Care for Kansans (Sunflower) funded multiple organizations to construct 70 trails of varying lengths and surfaces in municipalities,(More)
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