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Type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM2) affects over 110 million people worldwide and is a principal contributor to atherosclerotic vascular disease, blindness, amputation and kidney failure 1. Defects in insulin secretion are observed early in individuals with maturity-onset diabetes of the young, a monogenic form of type 2 diabetes 2 ; insulin resistance at(More)
Multicomponent therapies, originating through deliberate mixing of drugs in a clinical setting, through happenstance, and through rational design, have a successful history in a number of areas of medicine, including cancer, infectious diseases, and CNS disorders. We have developed a high-throughput screening method for identifying effective combinations of(More)
We present H-band observations of gravitationally lensed QSO host galaxies obtained with NICMOS on HST as part of the CfA-Arizona-Gravitational-Lens-Survey (CASTLES). The detections are greatly facilitated by the lensing magnification in these systems; we find that most hosts of radio-quiet QSOs (RQQ) at z ∼ 2 are of modest luminosity (L < L *). They are(More)
The first section of this bibliography includes papers presented at conferences and meetings by RLE faculty, staff and students during 1987, and is in chronological order by the month the conference was held. Reprints of papers may be obtained by contacting the authors directly. Sections 30.2 and 30.3 are alphabetical listings by author of journal articles(More)
ELLIPTICAL galaxies acting as gravitational lenses occasionally produce spectacular images-Einstein rings-of distant objects. Giant arcs(1) and radio rings(2) have been observed. A wide variety of image morphologies is possible, the generation of which is qualitatively understood in terms of large magnifications at caustic and critical lines in the lensing(More)
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