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We have comparatively studied the dynamics of malaria transmission in the villages of Mokolo-Douvar located in the rural area with traditional agriculture and Gounougou irrigated rice area, in 2004 August and November and 2006 May and October, to assess vectors biting habits, and malaria inoculation rate and malaria parasite prevalence in cohort of children(More)
BACKGROUND Picralima nitida Stapf (Apocynaceae) is a medicinal plant used traditionally in Cameroon to cure various ailments such as gastrointestinal disorders and dysentery. This study reports the in vitro and in vivo anti-shigellosis activity of the methanol extract of this plant on rats. METHODS The antimicrobial activity of the extract against(More)
The rare and endangered Cameroonian potamonautid freshwater crab Louisea edeaensis (Bott, 1969) was recently rediscovered during a biological inventory of the freshwater decapods of southern Cameroon. The previous record dated back more than 100 years. The new specimens allow an updated diagnosis of the species based on comparisons of important taxonomic(More)
Eucalypts host a variety of insect pests among which the psyllid Blastopsylla occcidentalis Taylor is responsible for the degeneration of eucalypt seedlings. This psyllid is present in Cameroon, but no record has been published on the study of its population dynamics and the main factors that regulate its population. Our study aimed to describe the(More)
A new species of freshwater crab of the genus Sudanonautes Bott, 1955, is described from the tropical rainforests of Edea and Tiko in southern Cameroon, Central Africa. Sudanonautes tiko n. sp. is recognized by a unique combination of characters of the carapace, thoracic sternum, chelipeds, and male first gonopod, and by distinct mtDNA sequences for two(More)
Cylicodiscus gabunensis (CG) is a tropical plant traditionally known for its medicinal use. The plant has also been investigated for a number of pharmacological activities. However kinetic studies are lacking for this. Hence to better elucidate the effects of the body on this plant preparation, this study was planned. Sixty Wistar albino rats were giving(More)
The large pantropical millipede genus Stemmiulus, which currently encompasses more than 150 species, i.e. the bulk of the species diversity of the family Stemmiulidae and entire order Stemmiulida, is shown to comprise seven species in Cameroon, including three new ones: S. ongot Nzoko Fiemapong & VandenSpiegel, sp. n., S. uncus Nzoko Fiemapong &(More)
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