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Pseudofolliculitis barbae (PFB) is a common hair disorder characterized by a pustular foreign body inflammatory reaction that is induced by ingrown hairs of the facial and submental (barbea) regions after regular shaving. It occurs predominantly in black males, while it is rather rare and usually far less severe in Caucasian males. Black individuals have a(More)
Efficient care of the surgical patient necessitates attention to key elements of preoperative patient preparation prior to the day of surgery, a standardized approach to patient monitoring and education on the day of surgery, and careful postoperative monitoring. Patient education is fundamental to all phases of surgical management so that patient(More)
Military dermatology encompasses all cutaneous manifestations that present to medical officers in a deployed situation, either in peacetime or in war. Medical officers in a field environment cannot avoid facing cutaneous quandaries. This article briefly highlights the omnipresent threat of cutaneous disease. It follows with a cost-effective look at(More)
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