Joseph L Whetstone

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Encrustation is a well-established complication of retained biomaterials in the urinary tract. Severe stent encrustation is a potentially serious complication of prolonged indwelling ureteral stenting often managed with open surgery when endoscopic techniques are unsuccessful. We present a case of a 2800-mm2 stent encrustation managed with serial(More)
Aromatase (estrogen synthase) is the cytochrome P450 enzyme complex that converts C19 androgens to C18 estrogens. Aromatase activity has been demonstrated in breast tissue in vitro, and expression of aromatase is highest in or near breast tumor sites. Thus, local regulation of aromatase by both endogenous factors as well as exogenous medicinal agents will(More)
Approximately 60% of breast cancer patients have hormone-dependent breast cancer containing estrogen receptors and requiring estrogen for tumor growth. The extent of estrogen biosynthesis and metabolism in the breast cancer tissue microenvironment influences breast-tumor development and growth, and endogenous and exogenous agents may alter the levels of(More)
OBJECTIVES The presentation of synchronous bilateral renal lesions is rare. We report our experience with the surgical management of these lesions in both a single and staged procedure. METHODS We retrospectively reviewed the records of all patients with bilateral synchronous renal lesions who underwent surgical management by one surgeon between(More)
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