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Using the non-destructive technique of 3-D micro computed tomography (3-D-microCT), we present a new, virtual reconstruction of the Le Moustier 1 Neandertal skull. This new reconstruction corrects defects found in earlier reconstruction attempts by repositioning misaligned cranial fragments, addressing the problem of asymmetry caused by pressure during the(More)
Introduction The IUPUI School of Science Assessment Committee endorsed the following six-stage plan in 2005 to assess the academic programs of its eight undergraduate programs Stage 1  Identify the program's student learning outcomes (SLOs). Stage 2  Link these SLOs to specific components of the program's curriculum. Stage 3  Identify or create methods(More)
As of fall 2005, the Department of Biology consists of 19 full-time (15 tenured or tenure-track and 4 lecturers) faculty members and one full-time, visiting lecturer. In addition there are several others who have at least part-time roles in the Department and a larger number of officially appointed adjunct faculty members. The teaching mission is described(More)
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