Joseph L Lombardi

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Mold Shape Deposition Manufacturing (Mold SDM) is a Solid Freeform Fabrication technique for producing complex shaped fugitive wax molds. A variety of castable polymer and ceramic materials have been used to make parts from these molds. This paper describes the Mold SDM method and an automated mold building machine based on a commercial CNC mill. Process(More)
Mold Shape Deposition Manufacturing (Mold SDM) is being developed in order to fabricate complex structural ceramic parts such as components for miniature turbine engines. For this application, the ceramic parts must not only be strong, but they also must have high dimensional accuracy and superior surface quality. This paper presents current progress with(More)
Lombardi critiques the theistic argument of Baruch Brody concerning the relevance of divine commands to the moral evaluation of suicide. He contends that the religious considerations which Brody introduces fail to justify the alleged differences between his secular and religious evaluations of suicide. In particular, Lombardi suggests, any plausible(More)
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