Joseph L. Horner

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The performance of phase-only optical correlators is usually reduced if the filter-plane phase differs from that prescribed for the classical matched filter. Current spatial light modulators, which frequently produce less than 2π phase modulation, and interface circuits, which quantize or incorrectly amplify signals placed on the spatial light modulator,(More)
We examine the effect of phase distortion inherent in a spatial light modulator on the performance of an optical correlator. We examine such areas as input plane distortion, input and Fourier plane distortion, effect of phase mismatch between these planes, and the effect of additive white noise. When large distortions are present and the proper compensation(More)
OBJECTIVES Differing methodologies that identify dramatic change in psychotherapy have been thought to be capturing similar phenomena. We compared three methods-percentage improvement-50% (PI-50), rapid response (RR), and sudden gains (SG)-to identify similarities and differences between these approaches. METHODS Using a large database (n = 11,764) from a(More)
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