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We attempt to develop a framework for the distributed processing of images, in particular, the remote accessing and manipulation of large geo-referenced images. The development is broken down into two diierent stages. The rst involves the development of a dataaow visual programming language (VPL) to allow users to develop programs out of chains of image(More)
This paper documents the second of two archeological expeditions that employed several underwater robot mapping and localization techniques. The goal of this project is to explore and map ancient cisterns located on the islands of Malta and Gozo. Dating back to 300 B.C., the cisterns of interest acted as water storage systems for fortresses, private homes,(More)
Petri nets are a graph-based modelling formalism which has been widely used for the formal specification and analysis of concurrent systems. A common analysis technique is that of state space exploration (or reachability analysis). Here, every possible reachable state of the system is generated and desirable properties are evaluated for each state. This(More)
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