Joseph Krall

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PURPOSE Although the treatment of symptomatic convergence insufficiency (CI) with base-in (BI) prism in adults has a strong theoretical foundation, there have been very few studies addressing its efficacy. The purpose of this study was to investigate whether the application of BI prism, using a novel progressive addition lens design which incorporates BI(More)
Multi-objective evolutionary algorithms (MOEAs) help software engineers find novel solutions to complex problems. When automatic tools explore too many options, they are slow to use and hard to comprehend. GALE is a near-linear time MOEA that builds a piecewise approximation to the surface of best solutions along the Pareto frontier. For each piece, GALE(More)
Histochemical data suggested that the so called lipoid granules of transitional epithelium in some species are equivalent to lysosomes. Scrapings of bovine and canine transitional epithelium were subjected to differential centrifugation to confirm this identification biochemically. Fractions of rat liver, the classic source of lysosomes, were also prepared(More)
PURPOSE The aim was to determine whether baseline measurements of binocular vision are associated with symptoms of convergence insufficiency (CI) both before and after CI treatment with base-in prism in symptomatic presbyopes. We further determined the factors that predicted CI treatment outcomes. METHODS A total of 29 symptomatic CI subjects aged 45 to(More)
Validating models of airspace operations is a particular challenge. These models are often aimed at finding and exploring safety violations, and aim to be accurate representations of real-world behavior. However, the rules governing the behavior are quite complex: nonlinear physics, operational modes, human behavior, and stochastic environmental concerns(More)
One application of software engineering is the vast and widely popular video game entertainment industry. Success of a video game product depends on how well the player base receives it. Of research towards understanding factors of success behind releasing a video game, we are interested in studying a factor known as Replayability. Towards a software(More)
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