Joseph Kotarek

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Peginesatide (Omontys(®); Affymax, Inc., Cupertino, CA) was voluntarily withdrawn from the market less than a year after the product launch. Although clinical trials had demonstrated the drug to be safe and efficacious, 49 cases of anaphylaxis, including 7 fatalities, were reported not long after market introduction. Commercialization was initiated with a(More)
To investigate in vitro the innate immune response to accelerated stress-induced aggregates of intravenous immunoglobulin (IGIV) using a well-defined human cell-line model, and to correlate the innate response to physical properties of the aggregates. IGIV aggregates were prepared by applying various accelerated stress methods, and particle size, count and(More)
Aggregation is common in protein drug manufacture, and while the effects of protein particulates are under investigation, many techniques applicable for their characterization have been recently developed. Among the methods available to characterize and quantify protein aggregates, none is applicable over the full size range and different methods often give(More)
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