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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the efficacy and safety of secukinumab, a fully human, anti-interleukin (IL)-17A monoclonal antibody, in patients with psoriatic arthritis (PsA). METHODS 42 patients with active PsA fulfilling ClASsification for Psoriatic ARthritis (CASPAR) criteria were randomly assigned (2:1) to receive two intravenous secukinumab doses (10 mg/kg;(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare changes in stress reactivity (measured via the biomarker salivary cortisol) and behavioral state in healthy newborn infants immediately following 1 of 2 interventions: (1) tactile-only stimulation or (2) a multisensory, auditory, tactile, visual, and vestibular stimulation with a control group. DESIGN A randomized prospective design(More)
The effects of reinforcement choice on task performance were examined with 6 individuals who had been diagnosed with severe to profound mental retardation. Five highly preferred items were identified for each participant via stimulus preference assessments. Participants then were exposed to choice and no-choice conditions that were alternated within(More)
One method that has been demonstrated to improve the effectiveness of reinforcement is stimulus (reinforcer) variation (Egel, 1980). Egel found that bar pressing increased and responding occurred more rapidly during varied reinforcement than during constant reinforcement when identical stimuli were used across phases for 10 individuals with autism. The(More)
We aimed to determine how menopausal transition symptoms cluster across 216 midlife women with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndromes (FMS/CFS), or both and subsequently to compare symptom factor severity scores by menopausal status among these women and compare symptom reporting with prior community-based samples of women without obvious illness. We(More)
The purposes of this quasi-experimental pilot study were to determine adherence to a 12-week group-based moderate-intensity walking program for sedentary adult outpatients with serious and persistent mental illness and to examine change from baseline to after the walking program in health status (mental and physical health, mood, and psychosocial(More)
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