Joseph Kalash

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This paper contains a proposal to enhance a relational database manager to support document processing. Basically, it suggests support for data items that are variable-length strings, support for ordered relations, support for substring operations, and support for new operators that concatenate and break apart string fields.
The injection of purified alpha-bungarotoxin (alpha-BTX), an antagonist of the muscle nicotinic cholinergic receptors, into the third ventricle (3rd V) of ovariectomized rats decreased the frequency of pulses of luteinizing hormone (LH) but had no significant effect on the amplitude or nadir of LH secretion. Approximately 24 h after the 3rd V injection of(More)
In this paper we briefly present the design of a distributed relational data base system. Then, we discuss experimental observations of the performance of that system executing both short and long commands. Conclusions are also drawn concerning metrics that distributed query processing heuristics should attempt to minimize. Lastly, we comment on(More)
Neosurugatoxin, a neurotoxin isolated from the Japanese ivory shell, inhibits ganglionic nicotinic acetylcholine receptors but not skeletal muscle nicotinic acetylcholine receptors. It has also been reported to inhibit (3H) L-nicotine binding to high-affinity agonist acetylcholine receptors in rat brain membrane preparations. In the present study, 10(-5) M(More)
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