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What Kind of Citizen? The Politics of Educating for Democracy
Educators and policymakers increasingly pursue programs that aim to strengthen democracy through civic education, service learning, and other pedagogies. Their underlying beliefs, however, differ.Expand
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Developing Citizens: The Impact of Civic Learning Opportunities on Students’ Commitment to Civic Participation
This study of 4,057 students from 52 high schools in Chicago finds that a set of specific kinds of civic learning opportunities fosters notable improvements in students’ commitments to civicExpand
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Educating the "Good" Citizen: Political Choices and Pedagogical Goals
University of Ottawa Joseph Kahne, Mills College At the level of rhetoric, most educators, policymakers, and citizens agree that developing students' capacities and commitments for effective andExpand
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In the Service of What? The Politics of Service Learning
"In the service of what?" is a question that inevitably merits the attention of teachers, policy makers, and academicians who take seriously the idea that learning and service reinforce each otherExpand
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High Quality Civic Education: What Is It and Who Gets It?.
"Research and Practice," established early in 2001, features educational research that is directly relevant to the work of classroom teachers. In this, the 20th article in the series, I invitedExpand
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The Limits of Political Efficacy: Educating Citizens for a Democratic Society
Justin is not alone. In a recent study of high school seniors from California, for example, only 28% agreed that “I think people in government care about what people like me and my family need” (Expand
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Teaching Democracy: What Schools Need to Do
Mr. Kahne and Mr. Westheimer studied 10 educational programs whose objective -- to develop democratic citizens -- is largely ignored by school reform policy. Schools can fulfill this mission, theyExpand
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The Role of Social Capital in Youth Development: The Case of “I Have a Dream” Programs
This paper presents findings from a 2 ½-year study that focused primarily on two “I Have a Dream” (IHAD) programs. To better comprehend the implications of bringing this youth development strategyExpand
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