Joseph Jung

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A novel method is presented for automatically generating quadrilateral meshes on arbitrary two-dimensional domains. Global minimization of a potential function governs mesh formation and characteristics. Comprised of several terms, the potential function distributes the elements throughout the domain and aligns the edges of the elements to form valid(More)
This qualitative study aims to describe the attitudes of science and mathematics student teachers towards English, which is one medium of instruction together with Filipino, in the Philippines where a bilingual policy is being implemented. Through interviews conducted with sixteen student teachers from two leading teacher training institutions in the(More)
This study aims at investigating first language attrition in Persian speakers of English as L2. Three groups are compared: Persian monolinguals, early bilinguals and late bilinguals. An acceptability judgment test is used in which the test sentences consist of pairs of sentences each of which follow either the English structure or the Persian structure in(More)
Part-of-speech (POS) tagging is one of the major activities performed in a typical natural language processing application. This paper explores part-of-speech tagging for the Punjabi language, a member of the Modern Indo-Aryan family of languages. A tagset for use in grammar checking and other similar applications is proposed. This fine-grained tagset is(More)
  • Douglas Salmon, William J. Hamblin, Gordon C. Thomasson, Douglas F. Salmon, Joseph Jung, DOUGLAS SALMON
  • 2013
JOSEPH OR JUNG? A RESPONSE TO DOUGLAS SALMON William ]. Hamblin with an appendix by Gordon C. Thomasson Nibley treats Mormon scripture primarily through parallels. While we need not pay any attention to those shallow critics of Nibley who merely shout "Parallelomania," as if it were a magical incantation, and reject his whole methodology and corpus out of(More)
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