Joseph Jorgensen

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The technique of extraperitoneal 'laparoscopic' adrenalectomy is described in two cases, a left sided 1 cm Conn's tumour and a right sided 3.5 cm incidental non-functioning tumour. The extraperitoneal approach has the advantage of direct access to the adrenal gland without the need to mobilize abdominal organs, while maintaining all the advantages of(More)
This paper examines language similarity in messages over time in an online community of adolescents from around the world using three computational measures: Spearman's Correlation Coefficient, Zipping and Latent Semantic Analysis. Results suggest that the participants' language diverges over a six-week period, and that divergence is not mediated by(More)
Proctography is a standard method of investigating anorectal disorders. The parameters derived from this X-ray include the anorectal angle. The reproducibility of this measurement was assessed in 43 defaecating proctograms viewed by four observers on two separate occasions. Measurements were made at rest and during defaecation straining. Significant intra-(More)
This report was prepared under contract between the Minerals Management Service and the awardee. This draft report has been reviewed by the Minerals Management Service and approved for publication. Approval does not signify that the contents necessarily reflect the views and policies of the Service, nor does mention of trade names or commercial products(More)
  • J Jorgensen
  • 1976
The technique for translumbar aortography with radiopaque polyaetylen catheters has been modified by curving the catheter so that the catheter tip after puncture and withdrawal of the canule, will bend in the lumen of the aorta. This is a simple technique to ensure that the catheter tip is placed free intra-luminally and at the same time it permits a better(More)
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