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Single neuron models are typical functional replica of the biological neuron that are derived using their individual and group responses in networks. In recent past, a lot of work in this area has produced advanced neuron models for both analog and binary data patterns. Popular among these are the higher-order neurons, fuzzy neurons and other polynomial(More)
Optical wireless communications offer a viable alternative to radio frequency (RF) communication for indoor use and other applications where high performance links are needed. These systems use infrared technology (IR), which has significant advantages over RF. This paper presents a review of the most significant issues related to infrared communication(More)
Coagulase-negative staphylococci (CNS) are a heterogenous group of Gram-positive cocci that are widespread commensals among mammalia. Unlike their coagulase-positive counterpart, Staphylococcus aureus, CNS produce few virulence patterns and normally refrain from invading tissue. Yet, not only can CNS cause infections in normal host tissue, but modern(More)
The Contemporary HBCU Project is funded by Lumina Foundation for Education, an Indianapolis-based, independent foundation that strives to help people achieve their potential by expanding access and success. The foundation bases its mission on the belief that postsecondary education
We report the case of a male, low birth weight, stillborn fetus of 36 weeks gestation with limb body wall complex. An interesting and rare feature noted in the propositus was the absence of the left subclavian artery and complete absence of the left upper limb. These findings seem to favor the vascular theory in the pathogenesis of this condition.
A 6 year old girl woke up with pain and increasing swelling over the left hand and difficulty in breathing. On examination, she had swelling of the left forearm and hand, flaccid quadriparesis and was in respiratory failure requiring mechanical ventilation. Two clean puncture wounds were identified on the left thumb. A provisional diagnosis of snake bite(More)