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Single neuron models are typical functional replica of the biological neuron that are derived using their individual and group responses in networks. In recent past, a lot of work in this area has produced advanced neuron models for both analog and binary data patterns. Popular among these are the higher-order neurons, fuzzy neurons and other polynomial(More)
This paper presents a comparative study of the performance of commonly used modulation techniques for Indoor Optical Wireless Communications. Some commonly used modulation schemes such as OOK, PPM, PIM and MSM are discussed and their properties are compared with respect to their power and bandwidth requirements. Their relative merits and demerits are also(More)
—In the realm of computer security, biometrics refers to authentication technique that relies on the measurement of physiological and individual characteristics that can be automatically verified. In our proposed biometric system is a combo of modeling and quantification of different human cognitive factors and fuzzy decision tree. In our novel biometric(More)
In this paper an accelerometer based portable device for digit and gesture recognition is being presented. The recognized data will be displayed on the monitor. A speech module is also embedded. The system finds its application in assisting patients. Apart from its HCI and gaming applications, it can be incorporated to assist the communication of deaf and(More)
The digitization era has brought with itself more expectations for communication systems, specially home networking applications which involves low cost as well as moderately high speed data links. Optical communication links are being highly explored for communication system especially Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) due to its advantages of lower cost, ease(More)
Radio Frequency (RF), analog and mixed signal circuit design, simulation techniques for RF and mixed signal circuits and systems, interconnect performance and modelling issues in VLSI and novel circuits and physical design issues for high performance DSM VLSI designs.