Joseph Jawa Kendawang

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Although allometric equations can be used to accurately estimate biomass and/or carbon stock in forest ecosystems, few have been developed for logged-over tropical rainforests in Southeast Asia. We developed allometric relationships between tree size variables (stem diameter at breast height (dbh) and tree height) and leaf, branch, stem and total(More)
Although an estimation of forest biomass is essential for the development of a carbon storage baseline in the “Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation in Developing Countries” scheme, few have been conducted in logged-over rain forests of Southeast Asia. We measured the aboveground and belowground biomass in logged-over mixed dipterocarp(More)
 Cuttings from older trees of the Dipterocarpaceae generally lose their ability to root. However, branches in a canopy of adult dipterocarps are a possible source of cuttings because they show juvenile characteristics in architecture due to “adaptive reiteration”, suggesting physiological rejuvenation. Effects of resource plant size on the rooting of(More)
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