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OBJECTIVES Mathematical modeling is used widely in economic evaluations of pharmaceuticals and other health-care technologies. Users of models in government and the private sector need to be able to evaluate the quality of models according to scientific criteria of good practice. This report describes the consensus of a task force convened to provide(More)
CONTEXT Preventive health programs may mitigate against the health risks of older adulthood. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effectiveness of preventive occupational therapy (OT) services specifically tailored for multiethnic, independent-living older adults. Design.-A randomized controlled trial. SETTING Two government subsidized apartment complexes for(More)
The mitotic recombination behaviour of a duplication of the his4 region on chromosome III in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae was studied. The major recombination event between the duplicated segments is gene conversion unassociated with reciprocal recombination. The rad52-1 mutation preferentially decreases mitotic gene conversion. These results suggest(More)
Increasing immunological dysfunction (atopy and autoimmunity) in western society may be linked to changes in undetermined environmental agents. We hypothesize that increased exposure to multiple gut worm species promotes stronger immunological regulation. We report here that African children constitutively secrete more immunoregulatory cytokines(More)
Although the molecules and cells involved in triggering immune responses against parasitic worms (helminths) remain enigmatic, research has continued to implicate expansions of T-helper type 2 (Th2) cells and regulatory T-helper (T(reg)) cells as a characteristic response to these organisms. An intimate association has also emerged between Th2 responses and(More)
Intake of colostrum by neonatal calves and early transition to calf starter are two important factors in successful calf programs. Thirty-one Holstein calves were used to determine health and performance of calves that were 1) allowed to remain with their dams for 3 d and suckle (suckled calves) or were removed from their dams and fed colostrum only by(More)
Ten Holstein cows averaging 120 d in lactation were arranged in replicated 5 x 5 Latin squares with 3-wk periods to evaluate the role of sulfur (S) in the dietary cation-anion balance equation. Diets were based on corn silage in Exp. 1 and sorghum silage in Exp. 2. Supplemental S and chloride (Cl) from the double sulfate of potassium and magnesium and CaCl2(More)
Some humans are persistently more susceptible to gastrointestinal nematodes than others. Here, for the first time, susceptibility to reinfection has been linked to host cytokine responses. Ascaris lumbricoides and Trichuris trichiura abundance was assessed immediately before and 8-9 months after deworming in a Cameroonian population (starting n=191).(More)
This study investigated associations between pre-treatment cytokine expression and infection patterns, before and after de-worming, in humans exposed to two gastrointestinal nematode species. Quantitative measures of Ascaris lumbricoides and Trichuris trichiura infection (based on faecal egg counts) were estimated immediately before and 8-9 months after(More)
Occupational science is a new scientific discipline that is defined as the systematic study of the human as an occupational being. A doctoral program in occupational science has been established at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles. With its emphasis on the provision of a multidimensional description of the substrates, form, function,(More)