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The stability problem of a system of conservation laws perturbed by non-homogeneous terms is investigated. These non-homogeneous terms are assumed to have a small C 1-norm. By a Riemann coordinates approach a sufficient stability criterion is established in terms of the boundary conditions. This criterion can be interpreted as a robust stabilization(More)
[9] L. Marconi and A. Isidori, " Robust global stabilization of a class of uncertain feedforward systems, " Syst. Linear systems with input nonlinearities: Global stabilization by scheduling a family of H ∞ type controllers, " Int. A high-gain scaling technique for adaptive output feedback control of feedforward systems, " IEEE Trans. Global high-gain-based(More)
— A model of boundary control system with boundary observation is described and analyzed, which involves no unbounded operator except for the dynamics generator. The resolution of a LQ-optimal control problem for this model provides a stabilizing feedback for a nominal system with unbounded operators. The model consists of an extended abstract differential(More)