Joseph J. Winkin

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The stability problem of a system of conservation laws perturbed by non-homogeneous terms is investigated. These non-homogeneous terms are assumed to have a small C 1-norm. By a Riemann coordinates approach a sufficient stability criterion is established in terms of the boundary conditions. This criterion can be interpreted as a robust stabilization(More)
[9] L. Marconi and A. Isidori, " Robust global stabilization of a class of uncertain feedforward systems, " Syst. Linear systems with input nonlinearities: Global stabilization by scheduling a family of H ∞ type controllers, " Int. A high-gain scaling technique for adaptive output feedback control of feedforward systems, " IEEE Trans. Global high-gain-based(More)
This paper deals with a model of a biochemical reactor system with distributed parameters and with a time delay in the growth response. Time delay has been introduced in microbial growth systems to explain the time lapse between the consumption of (liquid) substrate and its conversion to (solid) biomass. We study here the properties of the resulting system(More)
—The linear-quadratic (LQ) optimal temperature and reactant concentration regulation problem is studied for a partial differential equation model of a nonisothermal plug flow tubular reactor by using a nonlinear infinite dimensional Hilbert state space description. First the dynamical properties of the linearized model around a constant temperature(More)