Joseph J. Price

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Venous pressure measured by the dialyzer is an unreliable measure of intra-access venous pressure. During dialysis and zero extracorporeal blood flow, intra-access venous limb pressure (VPd) was measured directly 401 times in 133 subjects using a high flow "in-line" three-way stopcock adjacent to the venous return needle. Subjects with systolic VPd/systolic(More)
A 67 year old man with myelodysplasia was admitted as an emergency with a six week history of rectal bleeding and diarrhoea. Barium enema showed an irregular polypoid filling defect in the lateral wall of the proximal rectum near the rectosigmoid junction. Histology showed this to be a granulocytic sarcoma (extramedullary granulocytic leukaemia; chloroma)(More)
Cahn–Morral systems serve as models for several phase separation phenomena in multicomponent alloys. In this paper we study the dynamical aspects of nucleation in a stochastic version of these models using numerical simulations, concentrating on ternary, i.e., three-component, alloys on two-dimensional square domains. We perform numerical studies and give a(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the prognostic significance of presentation serum albumin, clinical stage and CA125 levels in ovarian cancer. DESIGN Retrospective analysis of data using a Cox proportional hazards model. SETTING A district general hospital oncology unit. SUBJECTS One hundred and fourteen consecutive patients with epithelial ovarian cancer. (More)
The role of preoperative localisation tests before initial neck exploration for primary hyperparathyroidism (PHP) remains controversial, as does the optimal surgical approach. We report our experience with preoperative ultrasound (US) and the operative management of sporadic PHP between 1990 and 1995. Preoperative US was carried out by an experienced(More)
Serum levels of mucin-like carcinoma associated antigen (MCA) were measured in 80 healthy women, 109 patients with breast cancer at presentation and in samples taken from 45 patients with active metastatic breast cancer. The MCA levels in controls had an upper limit of normal of 19.6 U ml-1 in post-menopausal and 16.4 U ml-1 in premenopausal women. The(More)