Joseph J. La Viola

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Among the appealing features of adenoviruses as vectors for transfer of genes into the central nervous system (CNS) are that they are not neurotoxic, they can accommodate the insertion of several large genes, they are not associated with the hazards of insertional mutagenesis, and they can be concentrated to a high-titer preparation. The authors evaluated(More)
This study evaluates the effectiveness of an AR-based context-aware assembly support system with AR visualization modes proposed in object assembly. Although many AR-based assembly support systems have been proposed, few keep track of the assembly status in real-time and automatically recognize error and completion states at each step. Naturally, the(More)
Quantitative autoradiography was used to study [3H]naloxone binding in the striatum of normal monkeys and monkeys made hemiparkinsonian by the unilateral infusion of the neurotoxin, 1-methyl-4-phenyl-1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyridine (MPTP). The density of [3H]naloxone binding sites was significantly higher in the caudate and putamen on the MPTP-treated side of(More)
Results of previous studies have suggested differences in the regulatory mechanisms in striatal striosomes and matrix following interruption of dopaminergic input to the striatum by MPTP in the monkey. In the present study we have investigated the possibility that stimulation of dopamine receptors by apomorphine modifies glucose metabolism differentially in(More)
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