Joseph J. King

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The soil-borne fungus Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. melonis causes significant losses in the cultivated melon, a key member of the economically important family, the Cucurbitaceae. Here, we report the map-based cloning and characterization of the resistance gene Fom-2 that confers resistance to race 0 and 1 of this plant pathogen. Two recombination events, 75 kb(More)
STUDY DESIGN Level III retrospective case series with historical controls. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the mid- to long-term outcomes of serial arterial embolization as a primary treatment modality for large sacral giant-cell tumors (SGCT). SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA Giant-cell tumors are potentially aggressive benign tumors that can cause significant(More)
While bipolar proximal femoral replacement prostheses (PFRP) have become a common treatment for tumors of the proximal femur, long-term results are not specified in the literature. The objective was to determine the complication and revision rates of bipolar PFRP and compare them to historical controls of bipolar hemiarthroplasties for nontumor indications.(More)
UNLABELLED Osteoarticular allograft reconstruction after extremity tumor resection has been shown to have a high rate of complications. Although good functional results have been seen, long-term outcomes have not been well studied. We performed a retrospective review of 20 patients who underwent primary osteoarticular allograft reconstruction after(More)
BACKGROUND Proximal humerus reconstructions after resection of tumors are challenging. Early success of the reverse shoulder arthroplasty for reconstructions has recently been reported. The reverse allograft-prosthetic composite offers the advantage of improved glenohumeral stability compared with hemiarthroplasty for proximal humeral reconstructions as it(More)
Posttraumatic fat necrosis and lipoatrophy can occur in the subcutaneous fat following falls, blunt injury, surgery, and minor procedures or injections. While these processes have no inherent serious medical consequences, they occasionally require treatment due to severe or concerning symptoms. Three patients (all women; average age, 47 years) who sustained(More)
To demonstrate that lateral to medial patellofemoral force and pressure ratios could be a surrogate marker of retinacular tension and patellar tracking. The patellofemoral forces of six knees from three fresh-frozen half-body female cadavers were evaluated with a capacitive sensor under simulated operative conditions in six staged clinical scenarios: native(More)
BACKGROUND Wheelchair-dependent patients have a high incidence of shoulder pathology, often causing severe impairment. This study reports outcomes of wheelchair-dependent lower extremity-impaired patients with symptomatic shoulder arthritis or severe rotator cuff pathology treated with reverse total shoulder arthroplasty (RTSA). METHODS Data for 19(More)
Following the prior work of Rosenberg et al, Rosenberg and VanCamp, and Speer et al, we started clinical trials with cis-dichlorodiammineplatinum(II) in April 1971. Marked tumor regression was noted in several malignant diseases in these initial clinical studies which were reported at the Chemotherapy Congress in Prague, August 1971. At the present time(More)