Joseph J. Helble

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Past studies in our laboratory have shown that silica (-quartz) particle exposure of a mouse alveolar macrophage cell line (MH-S) elicits mitochondrial depolarization and caspase 3 and 9 activation, contributing to apoptosis. However, cellular pathways leading to these outcomes have not been extensively investigated. Initial studies revealed that silica(More)
This paper develops and evaluates an elementary reaction mechanism for homogeneous Hg0 oxidation that accounts for major interactions among Cl-species and other pollutants in coal-derived exhausts. Most importantly, interactions among NO and Cl-species were found to exert a strong and previously unrecognized impact on homogeneous Hg0 oxidation under some(More)
In coal combustion systems, the partitioning of arsenic between the vapor and solid phases is determined by the interaction of arsenic vapors with fly ash compounds under post-combustion conditions. This partitioning is affected by gas-solid reactions between the calcium components of the ash particles and arsenic vapors. In this study, bench scale(More)
Misregulation of protein translation plays a critical role in human cancer pathogenesis at many levels. Silvestrol, a cyclopenta[b]benzofuran natural product, blocks translation at the initiation step by interfering with assembly of the eIF4F translation complex. Silvestrol has a complex chemical structure whose functional group requirements have not been(More)
Liquid amines can be immobilized within the pores of polymeric supports to provide a regenerable CO2 sorbent. This paper describes the capture of CO2 by a range of ethanolamines (primary, secondary, and tertiary) immobilized within the pores of high-surface-area poly(methyl methacrylate) beads. These supported amines were used to remove low concentrations(More)
Homogeneous mercury oxidation mechanisms described by Niksa and Qiu, and three theoretical mercury oxidation reaction rate constants developed by Wilcox were evaluated for their predictions of the extent of mercury oxidation under coal combustion conditions. Predictions were compared to results from bench-scale experiments to determine whether such models(More)
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