Joseph J. Castillo

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PURPOSE PIM kinases have been shown to act as oncogenes in mice, with each family member being able to drive progression of hematologic cancers. Consistent with this, we found that PIMs are highly expressed in human hematologic cancers and show that each isoform has a distinct expression pattern among disease subtypes. This suggests that inhibitors of all(More)
The genes contributing to childhood obesity are categorized into three different types based on distinct genetic and phenotypic characteristics. These types of childhood obesity are represented by rare monogenic forms of syndromic or non-syndromic childhood obesity, and common polygenic childhood obesity. In some cases, genetic susceptibility to these forms(More)
BACKGROUND The ability to perform comprehensive profiling of cancers at high resolution is essential for precision medicine. Liquid biopsies using shed exosomes provide high-quality nucleic acids to obtain molecular characterization, which may be especially useful for visceral cancers that are not amenable to routine biopsies. PATIENTS AND METHODS We(More)
A genome-wide association study (GWAS) and subsequent replication studies in diverse ethnic groups indicate that common Niemann-Pick C1 gene (NPC1) polymorphisms are associated with morbid-adult obesity or diabetes independent of body weight. The objectives for this prospective cross-sectional study were to determine allele frequencies for NPC1(More)
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