Joseph J. Capowski

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A system of programs for building three-dimensional models of biological structures was developed. Outlines of features such as cells, tissue edges, and neuron pathways are traced into a computer from tissue sections mounted on a light microscope or projected onto a data tablet. The three-dimensional models are built from a series of the two-dimensional(More)
A PDP-11/34 laboratory computer, a Quantimet image analyzer, and a research light microscope with motorized X, Y stage and focus axis are used for "semi-automatic" neuron reconstruction. The operator examines each neuron tree through the microscope eyepieces, commands the Quantimet system to move the stage and focus the optics, and when a point along the(More)
Computer graphics displays in the neurosciences are classified into three categories: anatomical structures, physiological waveforms, and statistical summaries. The capabilities required in a line drawing system to present neuroscience displays are smooth rotation and translation of 3D structures, simple line rejection, orthographic projection, and flexible(More)
Twenty-five physiologically identified spinocervical tract (SCT) neurons in the sixth lumbar segment of the cat were filled with HRP by intracellular injection. All were reconstructed from sagittal sections using the camera lucida, and a subset (n = 18) was also reconstructed using a computer reconstruction system. Thirteen cells were in intact(More)
A simple and efficient program for removing the hidden lines from the computer graphics display of a three-dimensional structure has been developed. The algorithm is optimized for serial section reconstruction, that is, for three-dimensional structures composed of a series of stacked planar outlines. Using the algorithm, an anatomist can generate a(More)
A very simple controller has been built which allows a laboratory computer to drive a stepping motor stage and focus axis motor of a research light microscope. Its cost is minimal; negligible in comparison to the controllers offered by the microscope manufactures. A subroutine has been written to enable the programmer to control the microscope easily. The(More)