Joseph J. C. Chang

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Generalization tasks are important for continual improvement to the design of an evolving code base, eliminating redundancy where it has accumulated. An important step in generalization is identifying the detailed structural correspondence between two pieces of code being considered for generalization. Unfortunately, tool support for this step is(More)
The Hazard Prediction and Assessment Capability (HPAC) dispersion model is widely used by the U.S. Department of Defense and the results of previous evaluations have been presented at Harmonization conferences. The version of its diagnostic wind model that is applied to urban areas has been significantly updated to remove biases in wind speed estimates,(More)
BACKGROUND Coalition bombings on the night of 18-19 January 1991, early in the Gulf War, targeted the Iraqi chemical weapons infrastructure. On 19 January 1991, nerve agent alarms sounded within Coalition positions hundreds of kilometers to the south, and the trace presence of sarin vapor was identified by multiple technologies. Considering only surface(More)
Large amounts of chlorine released in a few minutes from pressurized liquefied storage such as a railcar may form a dense two-phase (gas plus small liquid aerosol drops) cloud at ground level. The time duration of release from the storage tank could be as small as a few seconds for a large hole with diameter exceeding 20 or 30 cm. But even if the release(More)
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