Joseph J. Beaman

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Used a sample of 207 single-parent families residing in 104 small, Midwestern communities to test hypotheses regarding the link between community context and adolescent conduct problems and psychological distress. For boys, community disadvantage had a direct affect on psychological distress, while it indirectly boosted the probability of conduct problems(More)
Solid Freeform Fabrication (SFF) methods have demonstrated the potential to manufacture parts from Functionally Gradient Materials (FGM). One of the keys to success is an accurate and systematic represention of varying material distributions in the geometry. This paper introduces a method called Volumetric Multi-Texturing (VMT) to represent a three(More)
In the production of discrete parts, there is a growing interest in the use of solid modeling systems (or feature-based systems) as the link between design and manufacturing activities. The use of such systems will be of limited value if it is not possible to interrogate the solid model of a part or assembly for geometric and non-geometric data. A(More)
Acknowledgments I wish to thank a number of people who have helped me in my professional and personal development during my graduate studies at The University of Texas at Austin. Firstly, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Prof. Raul G. Lon-goria, who has been more than a mentor to me. His guidance, motivation, and support have been critical in(More)
interested in international technology assessments and related studies can provide support for the program through NSF or directly through separate grants to WTEC. WTEC's mission is to inform U.S. scientists, engineers, and policymakers of global trends in science and technology. WTEC assessments cover basic research, advanced development, and applications.(More)
Both the current long-term telecommunication trends toward optical networking and the recent growth in information bandwidth have pushed the necessity for improved optical communications. Our fabrication approach, which leverages our expertise in solid freeform fabrication in conjunction with sol-gel technology, has advantages over these other methods(More)