Joseph J. Anisko

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BACKGROUND TO THE DEBATE After the failure of three large clinical trials of vaginal microbicides, a Nature editorial stated that the microbicide field "requires a mechanism to help it make rational choices about the best candidates to move through trials" [1]. In this month's debate, James Lavery and colleagues propose a new mechanism, based on stopping(More)
The copulatory performance of male rats, tested in a large seminaturalistic environment, was assessed to determine the relation between 22-kHz ultrasonic vocalizations and a range of sociosexual behaviors. The male rats were tested until sexual exhaustion. Such ultrasonic signals were shown to occur in a wider range of sociosexual circumstances than(More)
Groups of female dogs exposed to different degrees of androgenic stimulation during development and a control group of ovariectomized females were tested for their attraction to tethered male and female stimulus animals. Attraction to the male was measured before and after administration of estradiol, and attraction to an estrous female was tested before(More)
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