Joseph Hurrell

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Programming and execution of arm movements in Parkinson's disease were investigated in choice and simple reaction time (RT) situations in which subjects made aimed movements at a target. A no-aiming condition was also studied. Reaction time was fractionated using surface EMG recording into premotor (central) and motor (peripheral) components. Premotor RT(More)
In some instances, even the increased resolution that may be afforded in immunoassays by the use of monoclonal antibodies fails to effect resolution among molecules that share many epitopes. An immunoradiometric assay that simultaneously measured two different epitopes on the same molecule was devised to overcome this difficulty in the differentiation(More)
Symptom surveys have been used extensively as part of workplace ergonomic screening programs and epidemiologic assessments of musculoskeletal disorders in groups of workers. This paper examines the reliability and validity of two musculoskeletal symptom surveys, the Nordic Musculoskeletal Questionnaire (NMQ) and a survey used in conjunction with(More)
Cloning by limiting dilution is a method based on the Poisson distribution. Dilution of cells to an appropriate number per well can maximize the proportion of wells that contain one single clone. Two or more cloning procedures are carried out until >90% of the wells containing single clones are positive for antibody production.
BACKGROUND This study expanded previous NIOSH-IRS research examining the effects of rest breaks and stretching exercises on symptoms and performance in data-entry workers. METHODS All workers spent 4 weeks with conventional breaks (two 15 min breaks per day) and 4 weeks with supplementary breaks (two 15 min breaks plus four 5 min breaks per day). One-half(More)
In the protocols in this unit, antigen is prepared for injection either by emulsifying an antigen solution with Freunds adjuvant or by homogenizing a polyacrylamide gel slice containing the protein antigen. Mice are immunized at 2- to 3-week intervals. Test bleeds are collected 7 days after each booster immunization to monitor serum antibody levels. Mice(More)
An improved separation procedure is described for isolating five leghemoglobin components from the nodules of soybean plants. After a preliminary oxidation with ferricyanide, and separation from endogenous nicotinate at pH 9.2, the ferrileghemoglobins are separated by DEAE-cellulose chromatography using gradient elution with acetate buffer (pH 5.2). The(More)
Liquid nitrogen storage is the method of choice for long-term safekeeping of hybridoma cell lines. Frozen aliquots of originally isolated hybridomas provide insurance against loss of antibody production and vigor during culture. There are many variations of cell freezing methods in use. However, for freezing and recovering hybridomas and lymphoid cells in(More)
Ergonomic, job task, and psychosocial risk factors for work‐related musculoskeletal disorders among teleservice center representatives Edward J. Hoekstra a b , Joseph Hurrell a , Naomi G. Swanson a & Allison Tepper a a National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health , USA b The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) , 1600 Clifton Rd. N.E.,(More)