Joseph Hugan

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Recent trends in automotive manufacturing have increased the focus on the Just-In-Time (JIT) delivery of automotive components. By requiring smaller batches of parts delivered more frequently, automobile assembly plants now need methods for handling and understanding how the increased traffic will effect the safety and operation of their overall site. This(More)
As part of the design of the next generation Naval Amphibious Transport Dock Ship (LPD17), simulation was used to evaluate the arrangement and flow of cargo on the ship and to integrate material flow concepts with the overall design requirements (see Figure 1). The simulation model evaluated specific cargo load out scenarios to determine if the proposed(More)
QUEST is a 3D general purpose simulator that uses physical and logical relationships to rapidly model everything from complex manufacturing systems to business process re-engineering (BPR) opportunities. QUEST's flexible, tightly integrated environment allows users to create a single interface where they can build, run, and analyze their systems using(More)
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