Joseph Hoover

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Endoglin (ENG), a co-receptor for several TGFβ-family cytokines, is expressed in dividing endothelial cells alongside ALK1, the ACVRL1 gene product. ENG and ACVRL1 are both required for angiogenesis and mutations in either gene are associated with Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangectasia, a rare genetic vascular disorder. ENG and ALK1 function in the same(More)
Moral values are culturally variable entities that emerge from dynamic, hierarchical interactions between individual-and group-level phenomena. Human-generated unstructured data, from sources such as social media, offer an unprecedented opportunity to observe these phenomena in a natural habitat, which is an essential vantage point for understanding moral(More)
1) advance clean energy to reduce pollution and global climate change; 2) promote urban water conservation and river restoration; and 3) defend special public lands from energy development. We collaborate with other conservation groups, hunters and fishermen, ranchers, American Indians, and others to ensure a sustainable future for the West.
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