Joseph Hiatt

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Users may view, print, copy, and download text and data-mine the content in such documents, for the purposes of academic research, subject always to the full Conditions of use: AUTHOR CONTRIBUTIONS The day-today scheduling of the experiments were carried out under the laboratory supervision of A. provided the statistical planning of the studies and(More)
Fetuses of pregnant CD-1 mice, exposed to 0.1% nicotine sulfate at a dose of 1.67 mg/kg body weight from the 6th through the 15th gestational days were compared with control fetuses to assess the effects of nicotine on tongue development. Mothers were sacrificed on the 18th gestational day. The heads of a total of 130 nicotine-treated and 348 control(More)
The early development of the squamosomandibular articulation in the Mongolian gerbil was investigated from its inception through the 8th postnatal day. Pregnant gerbils were sacrified beginning on day 18 through day 23 of gestation by chlorofrom inhalation and the fetuses were extirpated and decapitated. Neonatal gerbils, 1-8 days of age, were also(More)
ATPase activity in the developing first mandibular molar of the mouse was demonstrated at the electron microscopic level with the method of Wachstein & Meisel (1957). It was localized along the cell surfaces of the ameloblast and stratum intermedium interface, the stratum intermedium and the stellate reticulum. The ATPase final reaction product was also(More)
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