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In this paper, we perform a detailed investigation of various features that can be extracted from the periocular region of human faces for biometric identification. The emphasis of this study is to explore the BEST feature extraction approach used in stand-alone mode without any generative or discriminative subspace training. Simple distance measures are(More)
Most iris based biometric systems require a lot of cooperation from the users so that iris images of acceptable quality may be acquired. Features from these may then be used for recognition purposes. Relatively fewer works in literature address the question of less cooperative iris acquisition systems in order to reduce constraints on users. In this paper,(More)
We are testing a high-resolution ultrasonic thermometer with a noise floor at the µK level to improve the accuracy of radiation dosimetry methods that rely upon water calorimetry as a primary standard. Conventional water calorimeters, based upon the original design of Domen, detect temperature changes in irradiated water with thermistors that are sealed(More)
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