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A world-sheet sigma model approach is applied to string theories dual to four-dimensional gauge theories, and semi-classical soliton solutions representing highly excited string states are identified which correspond to gauge theory operators with relatively small anomalous dimensions. The simplest class of such states are strings on the leading Regge(More)
We consider string theory in the background of the two-dimensional black hole as described by the SL(2, R)/U (1) coset theory recently introduced by Witten. We study the spectrum of this conformal field theory, and give explicit representations for the tachyon vertex operators in terms of SL(2, R) matrix elements. This is used to compute the scattering of(More)
The free energy of the maximally supersymmetric SU(N) gauge theory at temperature T is expected to scale, in the large N limit, as N 2 T 4 times a function of the 't Hooft coupling, f (g 2 YM N). In the strong coupling limit the free energy has been deduced from the near-extremal 3-brane geometry, and its normalization has turned out to be 3/4 times that(More)
The partition function of two dimensional QCD on a Riemann surface of area A is expanded as a power series in 1/N and A. It is shown that the coefficients of this expansion are precisely determined by a sum over maps from a two dimensional surface onto the two dimensional target space. Thus two dimensional QCD has a simple interpretation as a closed string(More)